Togo’s govt plans PPPs to develop agricultural processing areas

The agricultural processing areas that the Togolese government plans to set up, mainly through the creation of agropoles, will be developed through public-private partnerships (PPP). The elaboration of this strategy, as well as the instruments and incentives for its implementation, will be entrusted to a firm, to be selected by the government.

This firm will be responsible for proposing incentive measures as well as the necessary legal and regulatory framework; and a strategy with concrete models for PPPs between existing (or to be created) institutional entities and the private sector. It will also ensure that the conditions for the success of these partnerships are in place.

Moreover, the company will draw up a document presenting different models of PPPs that could be envisaged, in the context of the development and industrialization of Togolese agriculture, in line with the ambitions of the public authorities for the sector.

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