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What to consider when buying a Husqvarna ride-on mower

Do you have a big lawn to mow? Here are a few things to keep in mind before you buy a ride-on mower.

Choosing the right ride-on mower for the job depends on the grass you will cut and what the garden looks like. With the combi cutting decks, you have two cutting techniques to choose from: Rear ejection or BioClip®.

Here are a few things that differentiate them from each other:

  • Rear ejection for taller grass: If you are planning to cut taller, or coarser types of grass, it’s better to go for a ride-on mower with a rear ejection cutting deck that can manage large amounts of grass.
  • BioClip® for finer lawns: Do you have a well-maintained lawn that is mowed a lot? Then BioClip® is the most suitable for your purposes. The finely cut clippings return to the lawn as fertilizer. All of our ride-on mower models have this option.

All-wheel drive

If your lawn can be slippery or is steep in places, or if you intend to use the ride-on mower all year round, AWD (All-Wheel Drive) is a great investment. It gives you better traction when you need it.

Professional or homeowner

If you are looking for a ride-on mower for professional use all year round, it is best to go with our advanced ride-on mowers, such as the R 420TsX AWD, equipped with headlights, an hour meter with a service reminder and a premium seat.

If you are a homeowner you are better off with a smaller residential ride-on mower for convenient storage. Or the Rider Battery, with no direct emissions, low noise and a running time of up to 90 minutes.

Easy to drive and maneuver

Husqvarna’s ride-on mowers have front-mounted cutting decks, allowing you to have better control over your working area. This type of cutting deck also enables you to reach under bushes and get closer to fences and walls.

The unique articulation of the steering makes the ride-on mowers extremely easy to handle. You work more efficiently, and get great results faster, with less effort.

In addition, a wide range of ride-on mower accessories helps you complete other garden tasks all year round. With or without all-wheel drive – the decision is yours.

Accessories to consider:

  • A sweeper to collect grass, leaves and debris.
  • A moss rake, scarify, spreader and trailer for lawn preparation.
  • A snow blade, snow blower or a front-mounted brush to clear entrances and paths all year around.
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