Transforming Tanzanian Lives Through Agricultural Success

In 2010, a forward-thinking consortium of fifteen maize cultivators from Ibumila village laid the groundwork for the establishment of Ibumila Agricultural Marketing Co-operative (Ibumila AMCOS). Officially recognized as a cooperative in 2013, the entity experienced rapid expansion, swelling its membership to 94 by 2015.

The primary objective of Ibumila AMCOS is to improve the standard of living in impoverished rural regions. The cooperative empowers small-scale farmers through education and resource allocation, with a focus on implementing contemporary farming methodologies at the grassroots level. It orchestrates educational initiatives to familiarize farmers with modern, innovative technologies and streamlines their access to vital resources.

In 2017, Ibumila AMCOS secured a US$100K grant from USADF to bolster its endeavors. The funding was designated for the construction of a maize storage and aggregation center, the establishment of a revolving fund for agricultural inputs, and the provision of comprehensive training in optimal agricultural techniques.

By the culmination of the USADF-backed capacity-building project in 2020, Ibumila AMCOS had achieved notable milestones. Sales revenue doubled, escalating from TZS 44,000,000 (US$17,500) in 2017 to an impressive TZS 88,551,586 (US$35,217). The cooperative witnessed a substantial surge in member farmers, increasing from 94 to 158. Equally striking was the enhancement in the average income of maize farmers, skyrocketing by over 174% from TZS 263,000 (US$105) to TZS 720,965.28 (US$287).

The impact extended beyond agricultural fields, as the success of the project fortified the cooperative’s infrastructure. Ibumila AMCOS managed to establish offices, operational structures, and craft a sustainable business strategy, solidifying its role as a catalyst in Tanzania’s agricultural realm.

Owing to these transformative outcomes, Ibumila AMCOS has garnered further acclaim and backing. Recently, the cooperative secured a US$240K grant from USADF to execute an expansion initiative, aiming to increase maize collection and sales volumes to bolster profitability, elevate the incomes of its member farmers, and ensure the long-term financial viability of the organization.

The triumph of Ibumila AMCOS serves as a testament to the potency of community-led ventures, where education, innovation, and strategic investments converge to foster enduring change. As this cooperative continues to thrive, it not only cultivates crops but also forges pathways to prosperity in Tanzanian communities.

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