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Your future machine in a few clicks!

New joskin machines can now be configured!

Determined to pursue its digital development, JOSKIN announced a few months ago the launch of an online configurator for its range (https://my.joskin.com/sites/configurator).

With the launch of this tool, the Group’s intention is clear: to use digital solutions to stay close to farmers. Accessible on a smartphone as well as on a tablet or computer, this configurator completes the company’s range of digital tools (new website, digitalisation of the showroom, virtual tour of the factories, etc.).

Since the beginning of 2021, farmers and JOSKIN fans have been able to design their own machine with just a few clicks. The first machines that could be configured were the livestock trailers and aerators. Since then, 9 new configurators have been created. In the “livestock” category, the rotary pasture toppers, choppers, water bowsers and slurry mixers now have their own configuration tool. In the “transport” range, we note the arrival on the configurator of the silage trailers, multipurpose trailers, hook-lift systems, construction tipping trailers, bale trailers and low loaders.

Just a little more patience…

As initially announced, the entire JOSKIN range will have its own configurator. Our bestseller, the slurry tanker, but also the spreading implements, monocoque tipping trailers and muck spreaders will therefore be added in October.

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