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Togo’s national cotton farmers federation acquires 50 agricultural tractors to boost local output

In Togo, the National Federation of Cotton Farming Associations (FNGPC COOP-CA) acquired 50 tractors to boost farmers’ capacities and reach a cotton output of 200,000t by 2022. 

The move is good news for the sector which has recorded a 15% fall in output year-on-year (from the 2018-2019 campaign to last year’s). 

In line with its intent to mechanize the industry, the FNGPC COOP-CA is hiring 25 agricultural tractor drivers. Selected applicants will be deployed in all five economic regions of Togo; eight (8) in the Savanes, seven (7) in Kara, five (5) in the Central region, two (2) in the Plateaux, and three (3) in the Coastal region. 

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