Q&A: Harry Luimes, Director and General Manager, Tecno – about customer demands, food safety, and animal welfare in the egg industry

Customer demands in the global commercial egg industry are changing, and issues like food safety and animal welfare combined with cost-effective egg production are becoming more critical for producers worldwide. Tecno recently announced a new strategy to help customers find the right fit to reach their highest potential. Harry Luimes, Director and General Manager at Tecno, unveiled the strategy, as well as a refreshed brand logo and website, to employees and partners during the brand’s annual meeting. Read more about the thoughts behind the new strategy in this Q&A with Harry Luimes, Director and General Manager at Tecno.

Q: The egg business is constantly changing, which drives more complexity for producers. How is Tecno helping customers navigate those challenges?

A: “As a global egg equipment supplier, we are facing lots of different demands from our customers all over the world. Each customer is unique. So, a one-size-fits-all solution is not best. Therefore, we have one of the widest product ranges in the industry. It helps our customers put together the customized system matched to their specific needs; ensuring the highest egg production in terms of quality and quantity.”

Q: Tecno is dedicated to listening to customers’ needs to deliver the right solution that perfectly fits the specific needs of every customer. What are your customers looking for in a layer system?

A: “Some of the most important demands from our customers are cost-effective egg production, food safety, sustainability, and animal welfare. Meeting customer needs in the best way possible is our top priority. We are always focused on listening and responding to market developments in terms of local and global trends and especially on the individual customer level to identify the right solution for each customer. This attention to detail is a part of our brand DNA.”


Q: The egg business faces evolving standards. How is Tecno staying in front of new market developments for their customers?

A: “Tecno’s 40-plus years in the commercial egg industry have established it as an industry leader worldwide. We feel this is a critical difference and drives our commitment to innovate to meet the needs of the industry and each individual customer.”

Q: Since 2016, the company has been a part of the AGCO Corporation. How has this association helped the brand and is there a benefit for the future?

A: “AGCO’s purpose is ‘Farmer focused solutions to sustainably feed our world’. It’s guided by the philosophy that modern animal agriculture advancements can support producers and help them care for animals and reduce environmental impact, while maximising productivity to deliver safe and sustainable animal protein to the global food supply chain. Tecno is a key part of AGCO’s overall strategy. Having the backing of the global leader in agriculture allows us to make the necessary investments to help fulfil this purpose for egg producers all over the world.”

Q: Tecno has refreshed its brand identity and updated the website to underline its unique expertise in the egg business and its ability to truly understand customer operations and recommend the right system for every customer’s specific production requirement. Can you explain more about that?

A: “The Tecno logo has been slightly modified to give it a streamlined look with a modern feel. However, we have decided to keep our tagline, ‘The Eggsperience’, to symbolise that our team’s shared commitment to standing with our customers from idea to installation and beyond is the same as it’s always been. We’ve also improved our brand website to help our customers easily research our broad range of solutions and get expert insights.”

Find out more about Tecno at https://www.poultryequipment.com/en


About AGCO

AGCO (NYSE:AGCO) is a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of agricultural machinery and precision ag technology. AGCO delivers customer value through its differentiated brand portfolio including core brands like Challenger®, Fendt®, GSI®, Massey Ferguson®, Precision Planting® and Valtra®. Powered by Fuse® smart farming solutions, AGCO’s full line of equipment and services help farmers sustainably feed our world. Founded in 1990 and headquartered in Duluth, Georgia, USA, AGCO had net sales of approximately $11.1 billion in 2021. For more information, visit www.AGCOcorp.com. For company news, information and events, please follow us on Twitter: @AGCOCorp. For financial news on Twitter, please follow the hashtag #AGCOIR.

About Tecno

Tecno™ is a brand within AGCO’s Grain & Protein business unit, which includes Cimbria™, GSI™, Automated Production™ (AP), and Tecno™. The brands drive productivity for customers globally through smart and reliable grain and protein solutions to ensure food security, sustainability and animal welfare. For more information, visit www.poultryequipment.com.

For further information, please contact:

Maddalena Scala, Marketing Manager Grain and Protein EAME, Grain APAC. Maddalena.Scala@agcocorp.com


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