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Niger state, Origin Tech sign agreement on mechanised agriculture equipment financing

Origin Tech Group, a pioneering force in knowledge-based agriculture and food systems operations in Nigeria, has forged a significant agreement with the government of Niger state. This landmark deal focuses on the comprehensive provision of integrated mechanized agricultural equipment and financing, signaling a pivotal step towards transforming the agricultural and livestock value-chain in the West African sub-region and beyond.

Formally sealed at Origin Tech Group’s Oregun headquarters, this partnership underscores the shared dedication of both entities to modernizing and enhancing agricultural practices. The collaboration aims to unleash the immense agricultural potential of Niger State, fostering profitability and addressing the persistent food shortages exacerbated by socio-economic and political challenges in Nigeria.

Mohammed Umar Bago, Governor of Niger state, emphasized the transformative impact of this initiative on agribusiness discussions nationwide. Drawing inspiration from his tenure at Harvard Business School, Bago noted the pivotal role agriculture played in lifting communities out of food insecurity, poverty, and unemployment across various nations.

Bago elaborated on the ‘Produce-for-Lagos initiative’, highlighting the strategic alliance between Niger and Lagos states aimed at ensuring food security. Under this initiative, Niger state will focus on producing staple crops such as Paddy, Tubers, Legumes, and Grains, while Lagos will leverage its status as a major market to facilitate off-take. This symbiotic arrangement guarantees a reliable market for Niger’s farmers while ensuring food availability and price stability for Lagos residents.

Samuel Joseph Samuel, Chairman of Origin Tech Group, emphasized that the collaboration extends beyond equipment provision. In addition to support services, the partnership will leverage international financial networks and local funding institutions to secure adequate financing. Samuel reiterated Origin Tech Group’s commitment to collaboration with states and stakeholders aligned with the mission of enhancing food production and accessibility.

This agreement between Origin Tech Group and the Niger state government marks a significant stride towards sustainable agricultural development, poised to catalyze economic growth and food security in Nigeria and beyond.

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