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Tanzanian farmers to benefit from Italian cutting-edge technology and machineries

Tanzania is poised to reap the rewards of advanced technology and machinery designed to revolutionize its agricultural landscape, meeting the needs of farmers and amplifying crop production. Marco Lombardi, the Italian Ambassador to Tanzania, unveiled this development during a recent Business to Business (B2B) session in Dar es Salaam, where Italian agricultural machinery companies engaged with Tanzanian agricultural stakeholders and traders.

Lombardi emphasized the pivotal role of technology in Tanzania’s agricultural sector, highlighting its significance in driving sectoral growth. He underscored Tanzania’s recognition of agriculture as a crucial economic asset, constituting 60 percent of GDP, and emphasized the burgeoning demand for agricultural technology in the country. Lombardi expressed confidence in the alignment of FederUnacoma’s mission with the ethos of mutually beneficial collaborations, outlining Italy’s commitment to supporting Tanzania and the broader African continent.

Riccardo Zucconi, Trade Commissioner at the Italian Trade Agency (ITA), emphasized the imperative of mechanizing Tanzania’s agricultural economy to bolster productivity intelligently, reducing reliance on chemicals while enhancing manpower and agricultural practices to yield superior quality products for both local consumption and global export.

Noela Mwamanga, an ITA trade analyst, underscored the significance of the B2B meeting in equipping Tanzanians with innovative systems to advance the agricultural sector. She highlighted the opportunity for Tanzanian companies to forge partnerships with Italian firms and gain exposure to cutting-edge technologies.

Fabio Ricci, Deputy Director of FederUnacoma, noted the substantial increase in Tanzania’s importation of agricultural technologies from Italy, signaling a growing market demand. He highlighted Italy’s rising prominence as a supplier of agricultural machinery to Tanzania and expressed optimism about future growth potential.

Stephen Mloshi, Managing Director of Reliance Group Limited, hailed the B2B meeting as a catalyst for Tanzanian agricultural development, emphasizing the transformative impact of Italian technology products. He urged Tanzanians to seize such opportunities for learning and innovation, particularly in engaging the youth and fostering employment opportunities within the agricultural sector.



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