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Ohangwena farmers receive equipment from agricultural organization

On Wednesday, more than 300 farmers hailing from the Ohangwena region received a boost in their agricultural endeavors through the provision of garden tools and small-scale irrigation systems valued at N$2.2 million. This initiative, funded by the government of Japan and facilitated by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform, aims to tackle issues of food insecurity within Namibia.

The distribution of these resources extends beyond Ohangwena, with other regions such as //Kharas, Zambezi, and Kavango West also benefiting from allocations of N$2.2 million each.

Qingyun Diao, the representative of FAO, emphasized the organization’s steadfast commitment as a reliable partner to the Namibian government. She underscored the significance of this assistance, stating that it equips farmers in Ohangwena with the necessary tools to enhance agricultural practices, combat the impacts of drought, and ultimately cultivate more nutritious crops for themselves and their communities.

Diao stressed that beyond the mere provision of tools, the initiative is an investment in the future resilience of the Ohangwena region. By empowering farmers, the aim is to foster sustainability and food security throughout the nation.

Beneficiaries were selected based on specific criteria, including their status as full-time farmers with existing agricultural projects. This strategic approach ensures that support is directed where it is most likely to yield sustainable agricultural development.

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