Encounter the forward-thinking doctor who is transforming poultry farming, particularly for women and youth, with innovative approaches.

Nestled within the vibrant heart of Kenya’s poultry industry shines a beacon of innovation and empowerment embodied by Dr. Teresia Wairimu.

Driven by an unwavering passion for poultry farming that transcends borders, Dr. Wairimu embarked on a journey spanning continents to uncover the secrets of successful poultry practices.

Her odyssey commenced amidst the verdant landscapes of rural Kenya, where she dedicated herself to serving local farmers. Recognizing the vast economic potential inherent in poultry farming, she saw an opportunity for transformative change.

Yet, amid the traditional methods prevalent in the local landscape, she discerned a crucial missing element: the incorporation of modern technologies and innovative methodologies.

“Poultry farming is a reservoir of untapped potential, awaiting modernization,” Dr. Wairimu emphasized in an exclusive interview with Nairobi News.

Thus emerged Jolly Footprints Ltd, conceived by Dr. Wairimu as a pioneering venture specializing in the hatching and nurturing of premium-quality chicks. These chicks, meticulously bred from indigenous breeds renowned for their exceptional traits, represent a promise of prosperity for farmers.

However, Dr. Wairimu’s vision extends beyond mere chick production. She advocates for a paradigm shift in farming practices, urging farmers to add value to their produce to access lucrative markets.

“By elevating the value of eggs, we unlock boundless possibilities and opportunities,” she declared, her eyes alight with entrepreneurial fervor.

Informed by her extensive interactions with farmers nationwide, Dr. Wairimu champions the identification of niche markets as a pivotal driver of success.

Situated amidst the serene landscapes of Nkoroi North, Kajiado County, Jolly Footprints Ltd stands as a testament to Dr. Wairimu’s unwavering commitment to empowerment. Here, she collaborates closely with women’s and youth groups, catalyzing a revolution in rural communities.

For Dr. Wairimu, the pathway to poultry prosperity lies in the inclusion of women and youth. “As agriculture evolves, women emerge as potent agents of change. By equipping them with the tools of poultry farming, we uplift entire communities,” she explained, her voice resonating with fervent conviction.

Despite the closure of the Kenya Crops and Dairy Market Systems project in 2023, Dr. Wairimu’s impact endures. Through her tireless endeavors, she has reached over 6,000 farmers, predominantly women and youth.

On a national scale, Jolly Footprints Ltd serves as a beacon of hope for over 10,000 farmers. With steadfast dedication, Dr. Wairimu ensures that each month brings forth a new wave of opportunity, distributing between 15,000 to 20,000 chicks to eager farmers.

Yet, her mission transcends mere provision. Dr. Wairimu goes the extra mile, imparting training in professional poultry farming practices, from chick care to egg production, ensuring that every farmer is equipped with the knowledge to thrive.

In a world where empowerment knows no bounds, Dr. Teresia Wairimu stands as a guiding light, illuminating the path to prosperity for women and youth in poultry farming.

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