Association Tasks Research Institutes On Alternative Poultry Feeds

Mr. Mojeed Iyiola, Chairman of the Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN), Lagos State Chapter, has urged research institutes to explore alternative feed options for birds. Speaking in an interview on Thursday in Lagos State, Iyiola highlighted the current reliance on maize in poultry feed, stressing the need for sustainable alternatives.

“While we can seek to diversify feed sources, viable substitutes are often scarce,” Iyiola remarked, emphasizing the necessity for innovative approaches in poultry management, particularly concerning alternative feed compositions. He noted that while wheat can partially replace maize, its energy content is lower, requiring enzyme supplementation for optimal results.

To address the escalating costs associated with feed milling, Iyiola advocated for extensive maize cultivation, citing its predominant role in poultry feed formulation, constituting roughly 70% of raw materials. Despite past attempts to introduce cassava flour as a maize alternative, Iyiola observed adverse effects on affordability.

“Thorough research efforts hold the key to empowering Nigerian farmers and enhancing sector productivity,” Iyiola concluded, underscoring the potential for breakthroughs to alleviate feed-related challenges and stimulate agricultural output.

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