Macky Sall reaffirms his commitment to fight against cattle rustling

The Head of State reaffirmed Saturday in Dahra (Louga) his desire to put a definitive end to the theft of cattle to which breeders are still victims despite the measures already taken to sanction the perpetrators of these acts.

The cattle rustling continues despite the measures contained in the Penal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure. I promise to take all the necessary measures to put a definitive end to this phenomenon “, said Macky Sall in Wolof, during the official ceremony of the National Day of the breeding.

The Head of State invited the judicial authorities and the defense and security forces, in particular the gendarmerie and the National Police, to “redouble their efforts” to put an end to the theft of cattle, by arresting those involved in these offenses who, according to him, are “often armed”.

“I make a commitment to support you in developing the livestock sector,” said Macky Sall in response to the many grievances expressed by breeders.

He promised that the line ministry will take all necessary measures to increase the subsidy allocated to the importation of heifers from 30% to 50% in 2022.

The Head of State says he wants, within 10 years, all the cattle resulting from this investment can experience “genetic improvement” to contribute to the increase in milk production.

President Sall also regretted the conflicts between pastoralists and farmers which, according to him, constitute “a big problem”.

It must stop. It is important that the actors know that the population increases every year in Senegal (…) and this inevitably leads to ” an increase in livestock and cropland, he explained to the many livestock actors who came take part in the ceremony.

To settle these conflicts, he announced that measures will be taken to help farmers “to produce beyond three months” and to put an end to the transhumance of pastoralists by developing fodder crops.

“It is on these solutions that we want to bet to put an end to the conflicts between breeders and farmers”, supported the Head of State.

“ I want that from this edition, we find the means to move the sector forward. We want the breeder to be able to borrow money from the banks, to work and to develop his activity “, said Macky Sall, inviting the actors to modernize the sector.

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