UGANDA: Nexus Green to install solar irrigation systems at 687 sites

Nexus Green has won the contract to design supply and install solar powered irrigation systems in several districts in Uganda. UK Export Finance (UKEF) will finance these installations with a loan of approximately $104.1 million.

Nexus Green wins a deal in Uganda. For nearly $104.1 million, the U.S. solar solutions provider will supply and install irrigation systems at 687 sites in several districts across the country. The order was placed by the Ugandan government, which is benefiting from a UK Export Finance (UKEF) loan over a three-year period.

The systems designed by Nexus Green will be connected to a water source that will supply transmission pipes. The water will be stored in reservoirs and then passed through distribution networks to the farms. Work has already begun in Mpumu, in the Mukoko district. This irrigation project aims to improve the water supply to small-scale farmers, which should increase their harvests. Currently, agriculture is the main source of income and employment for at least 40% of the Ugandan population. However, this activity is impacted by drought. The phenomenon is caused by climate change, which is expected to worsen according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

While waiting for future irrigation systems to be installed in Uganda’s districts, the government is pursuing other actions to combat the drought. This can be seen as a way to improve the quality of life of the people who live in the city, but also as a way to improve the quality of life of the people who live in the city and its surroundings. This will have a storage capacity of 40 million m3 and will benefit farmers and herders in the districts of Napak, Moroto, Kotido and Abim in the Karamoja sub-region, as well as the Pokot community, which lives between Kenya and Uganda.

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