Trust the incineration experts for your farms waste management

Waste Spectrum Incineration Systems are one of the longest-serving incinerator manufacturers in the industry.

Behind our machines are over 25-years’ manufacturing expertise and market-leading technology. Our incineration systems are a clean, cost effective and 100% bio-secure method to dispose of dead livestock, animal by-products and other forms of agricultural waste.

We are regularly asked why livestock farmers should choose incineration over other forms of waste disposal and we know that there are several reasons that directly benefit our end user, as opposed to choosing other waste disposal methods.

  • Incineration is 100% bio-secure, so in the event of a disease outbreak; dead livestock and items that have encountered diseased livestock can be disposed of efficiently, eliminating the transference of diseases between the dead animals and healthy animals.
  • Incineration is a clean waste disposal solution. It eliminates the necessity to keep dead livestock and animal-by-products on site for extended periods of time. Waste can be disposed of as and when necessary.
  • Additionally, incineration is cost effective. Our customers benefit from purchasing one of our machines, as it is cost effective to run and eliminates the necessity to outsource waste disposal with expensive outside agencies.

All Waste Spectrum Incineration Systems utilise our one-of-a-kind technology, that has ensured our place as a market leader, providing incineration solutions around the globe. We have developed a monolithic casting technology, that is used within all our machines. This is something that is truly unique to the Waste Spectrum brand and which guarantees our machines as a robust and reliable incineration system.

Trust the incineration experts for all your agricultural waste management needs and speak to a member of the Waste Spectrum team today.

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