Mombasa Poultry Farmers Decry Proposed Levies On Chicken Products

Poultry farmers have raised opposition to a proposal by Mombasa County to impose new levies on chicken products, arguing it will impact their business.


Under a new proposal, the devolved unit is planning to slap 5 percent and 10 percent levies and charges on chicken meat, live chickens, and eggs.

While the move is aimed at generating revenue for the county, the Poultry Breeders Association of Kenya (PBAK) argues that the taxes will deal a blow to the area’s poultry business.

In opposition, PBAK members stage a demo outside the county government offices.

“The poultry industry is already facing challenges such as feed prices and diseases. The imposition of these new levies is a direct threat to our survival,” said Halima Abdala, a poultry farmer and member of the association.

“If these charges are implemented, the entire industry will be on the brink of collapse, and people will suffer from a lack of access to affordable, nutritious poultry products.”

The association also highlighted the potential impact on consumers, emphasizing that the increased costs would be passed on to them, leading to higher prices for chicken meat and eggs.

This, they argue, could result in a decline in the consumption of the above protein sources, adversely affecting the nutritional balance of the local population.

The farmers are urgently requesting a meeting with Mombasa County.


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