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Modulo2 – Modular Slurry Tanker Made by Joskin!

A true Swiss army knife, the Modulo2 slurry tanker from Joskin continues to make waves thanks to its ability to adapt to the specific needs of each farmer!

Available in capacities ranging from 2,500 to 18,000 liters, and fully galvanised, the Modulo2 is suitable for all farm sizes, agricultural cooperatives and companies.

Modular is an understatement when you consider that this tanker has 750 options! That said, we will just mention the most frequent and most useful ones,

like the bolted rather than welded eyelets, or the various level indicators to facilitate spreading. Even the choice of pumping system is vast! In fact, there are at least 5 of them: the traditional side valve, the hydraulic and hermetic upper door, the sequential arm going down on the left and right and requiring only one hydraulic function, the side articulated arm or the dorsal boom. A turbo-filler with a hydraulically driven motor, can be added to all these tools.

The sprung drawbar offers a high level of comfort, while allowing you to change the position of the spring leaves in order to modify the inclination of the tank.

Whether single- or double-axle, the Modulo2 from JOSKIN is unique in that its running gear can be moved forwards or backwards. In this way, the load distribution can be adjusted both at the eyelet and on the running gear, as when adding a spreading implement to the rear of the tank.

Speaking of rear implements, the Modulo2 proves once again that this name is made for it, thanks to the variety of implements with which it can be equipped! Whether you want to use it with meadow injectors (such as the Multi-Action and Solodisc), arable injectors (such as the Terrasoc and Terradisc) or spreading booms (such as the Multitwist, Pendislide/twist…), this tanker can be adapted to your current needs!

In short, if you want to get the most out of your slurry, whether on grassland, cereals or stubbles, the Modulo2 can only adapt to your needs, and that is what makes it unique!

Find out more on the JOSKIN website:

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