Breezy: Controlling natural ventilation in pig and poultry barns

Natural ventilation in pig and poultry houses is a good option especially in regions without frost – and available at a reasonable price. To control the air exchange, roller curtains with electric winches are used on both long sides of the building, which is a well-proven concept to open and close the barn. In order to ensure an automatic as well as reliable curtain handling German livestock equipment supplier Big Dutchman has developed a computer which perfectly answers the purpose:

Based on the temperature and additionally supported by data from a weather station, Breezy controls the curtains automatically and independently of the side. The computer was developed specifically for naturally ventilated barns and comes with the following features:

  • coloured seven-inch display with a clear structure;
  • with its twelve relays, Breezy controls, among other things, up to two recirculation fans and heating as well as cooling;
  • available for connection are up to three temperature sensors, one CO2 sensor, one humidity sensor, and one water meter;
  • integrated weather station to determine wind speed and direction.


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