Silostop silage protection products are used in 43 countries around the world, on farms of all types and sizes in a range of climates. Using the latest technology and techniques, Silostop products result in silage made from all crops with less waste, more nutrients, and optimal animal health.

They protect the high investment in growing, harvesting, and ensiling the forage, allowing long –term storage without compromise on nutritional value, dry-matter loss, or palatability.

Silostop Orange oxygen barrier film, a thin (45 micron), flexible but very strong film, has an oxygen transmission rate of 10% of conventional thicker polyethylene (PE) silage covers. By preventing ingress of oxygen into the silo, this results in a faster and more efficient fermentation, and a 50% reduction in Dry matter (DM) losses in the top 1m layer.

Valuable nutrients are preserved, the more palatable silage leads to higher DM intakes, and spoilage and moulds are eliminated. Silostop Orange film is available in widths of 6-27m, and lengths of 35-300m.

This film requires protection from UV and physical damage, from either a PE top sheet or preferably a Silostop SupaCova Anti-UV cover. These re-usable, strong, flexible woven covers provide 99% shading against UV, and physical protection against domestic/wild animals, birds, rodents, and wind perforating the film. SupaCova Anti-UV covers prevent this common problem, are available in a range of sizes and with correct usage will last a minimum of 5 years.

Effective weighting of the silos using soil, tyres or Silostop gravel-bags is essential to keep covering materials securely in place. Our gravel-bags will last minimum 5 years, hold 17kg of fine gravel, and should be used in a 6m grid pattern over the silo surface.

The Silostop system of Oxygen barrier films, Anti-UV covers, and gravel-bags can be used equally effectively for bunkers or above –ground field silos, allowing in-field storage adjacent to the areas harvested.

This is similar to the Ag- Bag system, but at half the cost, uses a quarter of the plastic, and also has full physical protection. Ag-bags are vulnerable to physical damage, allowing spoilage of the contents, and also experience high losses/ contamination levels when extracting the silage.

Field silos need to be built with correctly sloping sides, to allow sufficient levels of compaction, and to allow the compacting machinery to work safely in both directions (see diagram). Building a rectangular, long and thin silo allows consecutive covering each day of the material harvested, rather than covering the whole silo at the end of the harvest period.

Depending on the value of the forage, the Return on Investment (ROI) by using Silostop films is between 4-6/ 1, calculated by the reduction of losses and preservation of quality. Silostop has 41 peer-reviewed research experiments to validate its effectiveness, conducted all over the world, and can help African farmers make top-quality feed from home-grown forage, for profitable production.

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