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Corteva Agriscience and John Deere announced a partnership for farmer access to Corteva’s agronomic recommendations through the John Deere Operations Center, according to a press release.

The partnership combines the digital and onboard capabilities of John Deere with agronomic analysis from Corteva. The result is the delivery of customized agronomic insights to:

  • Equipment – via John Deere Precision Ag technology;
  • Pioneer sales representatives – for providing direct agronomic support;
  • Farmers – for improved decision making support.

“We are focused on making it as easy as possible for farmers to unlock value through data-driven, scientific recommendations, based on the unique characteristics of their farm. This partnership does exactly that,” said Brian Lutz, vice president of agricultural solutions, Corteva.

“The future of farming will be enabled by the combination of data-driven insights and science-based agronomic recommendations that are precisely executed by connected and increasingly intelligent machines,” added Doug Sauder, director, product management and user experience at John Deere.

Pilot programs will begin in the spring across the United States and expand to Canada in the future, according to the press release. The pilots will serve as the foundation for a strategic, multi-year partnership, leveraging the companies’ respective areas of expertise to develop and deploy digital solutions that support farmers.

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