UN agency grants 150 mln USD for family farming in Angola

The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) has granted 150 million U.S. dollars to promote family farming in Angola, an Angolan official announced Tuesday.

Over 200,000 families will benefit from the IFAD grant, said Augusto Guimbi, coordinator of projects financed by the IFAD at the country’s Ministry of Agriculture.

The project, signed between the Angolan government and the IFAD, was initially launched to serve the southern provinces of Benguela, Namibe and Cunene, which have been affected by climatic changes, according to the official.

“For the southern region, the project will be implemented from a perspective of resilience due to climatic variations, preparing those communities in case of drought or flood, when they happen,” emphasized Augusto Guimbi.

As for the north of the country, IFAD intends to act from a value chain perspective “to give the desired support to rural communities in order to increase productivity and address issues related to trade.”

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