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The Siroko muck spreaders by Joskin

The Siroko, with a capacity of 5 to 13 m³, is the entry model in the JOSKIN range of muck spreaders with narrow body (4 models with vertical beaters: Tornado3, Siroko, Ferti-Cap, Ferti-Space2; and 2 with horizontal beaters with spreading table: Tornado3 and Ferti-Space2 Horizon).

Light, robust and easy to maintain are the words that best define the Siroko muck spreader. Both durable and extremely maneuverable, it also proves to be economical, both from a budgetary and energy point of view. The whole assembly is lowered and therefore more stable on hills.

The narrow (1.45 m) galvanised body combined with large-diameter wheels (for less ground pressure) provides an easy traction and a high stability. This design is the major advantage of this model, in addition to the easy loading.

The monocoque body of the Siroko as well as various other components, such as the drawbar and the beater frame, are made of high tensile steel. This ensures strength and dynamism, avoiding the need for additional reinforcements and keeping the empty weight low.

A galvanised guillotine door is one of the most common options for dosing the spread quantities.

All Siroko muck spreaders are standard fitted with a cross-suspension drawbar with parabolic leaves  that maintains the traction line continuously and without deformation, providing a high driving comfort even at speeds of up to 40 km/h and in the most uneven agricultural terrain.

Both beaters are oversized in height (2,160 mm for models 5013 and 5543), ensuring an easy passage and crumbling of a minimum 40 cm dome.

The moving floor of the Siroko consists of two Ø 14 mm marine chains with grade 80 welded to slats with closed profiles. It moves on a bolted galvanised floor, which can be replaced easily in case of wear. This moving floor is fitted with side tensioners that are easily accessible.

The spreading width of the Siroko usually varies from 7 to 12 m, depending on the products to be spread. To reach it, the two vertical beaters rotate at a speed of 423 rpm. Their large diameter of 900 mm creates a spreading system that is considerably wider than the body and allows the spread material to expand before ejection. They are fitted with a large number of spirals (4 on models 4010 and 5010, 5 on 5013 and 5513) and reversible bolted Hardox teeth. This doubles the service life and guarantees a good crumbling quality.

Under the beaters are two retractable blades which, in addition to projecting the material, also act as a smashing hammer with the spreading table. The whole system ensures a high quality spreading.

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