Tanzania, the Land of the Thousand Crops!

he Tanzania Government and the Ministry of Agriculture, with the Tanzania Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, hosted the Tanzania AGRI Business and Investment Forum to align with the Expo’s theme week: Food, Agriculture, and Livelihoods. The event was attended by several governmental institutions, including Tanzania Trade Development Authority (TANTRADE), Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCAA), Tanzania National Parks Authority (TANAPA), Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC), Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB), and Tanzania Forest Services Agency (TFS).

H.E. Hussein Bashe – Tanzania’s Minister of Agriculture, started by welcoming the promising cooperation with Tanzania, which shows the intention of the Tanzania government to support and facilitate all companies that can become a venture into the value addition of various crops and ensure food security, while inviting investors to support agriculture productivity, considering that Africa will be the main source of food, as he said: “Tanzania loves and recognizes investors working in various sectors including agriculture as it is one of the essential industry contributing immensely in the country’s employment and development”…added, “Tanzania has a number of opportunities in the areas of vegetable, fruits, and flowers with reliable markets inside and outside the country”.

The forum highlighted the business opportunity of Tanzania’s agriculture sector that is gifted to Tanzania by its fertilized land, and talented farmers show Tanzania’s ability to present the best crops quality to the world! Especially in producing tea, coffee, cashew nut, sisal, avocado, rice, and cotton. Mr. Iddi Bakari – Tanzania Consul in the United Arab Emirates, said “Invest in Our Agriculture in Tanzania!”…Tanzania had been blessed with several resources and uncountable opportunities that ensure the business sustainability and many investment opportunities are there in agriculture, mining, tourism, and technology”.

The event also welcomed guests and participants from government and private sectors for different stockholders and investors from the UAE, Angola, Seychelles, and Timor Leste, wherein Dr. Jacquiline Mkindi – CEO and Council Member at Tanzania Horticulture Association said: “Tanzania is the 1st in sisal, and the 2nd largest producer of avocados in Africa, and our focus is to build block farming systems and establish smart farming centers”. She added, “we have very beautiful land where you can grow any crop….Tanzania is one of those countries that if you drop a pencil on the ground it will grow into something!”.

Sijith Kumar, the CEO of IBMC company, also added “Tanzania is the land of opportunities and the most attractive economies in the African region for business and investment. Agriculture is the main revenue-generating sector of Tanzania, providing opportunities including farming, processing and exporting”.

The Tanzania business forum had also welcomed the innovation of TechFin in powering Tanzania’s agriculture and crops to the world, wherein Ms. Noha Jaheen- owner and founder of Click Media said, “Mother Africa, can feed the world! And Tanzania is the main part of this great mission!… The power of the Techfin such as Click Media, the 1st Media E-commerce Digital Platform, can re-introduce Tanzania to the world in different sectors of agriculture and tourism. It is the time for Tanzania to “Dress Green” and tell the world about its best safari ever!”.

Finally, the event ended with a B2B networking session that announced different cooperation between the Tanzania government and others from the private and government sectors in UAE.

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