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Smarter and more efficient than ever: AXION 900 Stage V with CEMOS and CTIC

Tractive power, efficiency and comfort – the AXION 900 large tractor series from CLAAS has been known for these three core attributes since its launch in 2011.

Compliant with the Stage V exhaust emission standard, it now also combines CEMOS – the first interactive assistance system and the leader in this field – with the factory-fitted CTIC tyre pressure control system. Power and intelligence are thus combined at the highest level.

Efficient emission control, constant power

The Stage V models of the AXION 900 and AXION 900 TERRA TRAC use the proven 8.7-litre Cursor 9 six-cylinder engine from FPT. Emission control is handled by a SCRoF system with AdBlue injection and enlarged filter and reaction surfaces. Exhaust gas recirculation is still not necessary. At 1,800 rpm, the power unit delivers a maximum of 325 to 445 hp, depending on the model. With the proven CLAAS low-speed concept, the peak torque of 1,600 to 1,860 Nm is already available at just 1,400 rpm. As there is no boost system, full power is available for every task, if required. The reliable and efficient CMATIC continuously variable transmission also ensures that the full torque can be called up at all speeds – from 0.05 to 50 km/h. Four automatically selected mechanical ranges allow high overall efficiency to be achieved. The top speed of 50 or 40 km/h can be reached with diesel-saving 1,470 to 1,400 rpm. The idling speed is a low 650 rpm. The driver can choose from three virtual ranges for the task in hand.

Maximum traction with wheels and crawler tracks

The AXION 900 series has been able to operate with wheels up to 44 inches on the rear axle since 2017. Together with the long wheelbase of 3.15 m, this has always resulted in excellent power transmission to the ground. The front and rear axles are approved for operation with twin wheels as standard. A new feature is the factory-fitted pre-equipment for CTIC tyre pressure control systems from CLAAS. By means of the CTIC 2800 auxiliary compressor with an air delivery rate of 2,800 l/min, the internal tyre pressure can be quickly adjusted to suit the tractor and – if equipped accordingly – a trailed implement. Operation is fully ISOBUS-capable and therefore integrated into the CEBIS terminal of the AXION 900. If desired, ISOBUS implements can be controlled and monitored via the S10 terminal. The function keys can be assigned freely and individually to tractor and implement functions.

As a result of a static weight distribution of 50/50 and an unladen weight of 12.5 t, additional ballasting is still only necessary for heavy towing work. During transport work, the AXION 900 always provides a safe driving experience on any terrain, even without ballast. The maximum permissible weight is 18 t.

The model series with five wheeled machines is completed by the AXION 930 TERRA TRAC and AXION 960 TERRA TRAC, introduced in 2018, which now also meet the Stage V emission standard. As the world’s first full-suspension half-tracked large tractors, they cut a fine figure in the field, grassland and on the road, combining the advantages of full-tracked and standard tractors. The universal range of applications for the lightest tractors with crawler tracks in this power class extends from heavy and medium-heavy soil cultivation, work with seed drills and harvesting with loader wagons to special applications such as slurry hosing. Active steering intervention in the speed of the crawler tracks makes for a tight steering response which is also gentle on the soil and prevents soil ramping during turning manoeuvres. With an unladen weight of 16.5 t, the maximum permissible total weight is 22 t – even when driving on roads up to a top speed of up to 40 km/h. Even when equipped with the widest crawler tracks measuring 890 mm, the AXION does not exceed an external width of 3 m, making for straightforward vehicle registration and easier driving on public roads.


More intelligence and efficiency with CEMOS: for the first time with CTIC tyre pressure control

The AXION 900* series tractors can be equipped optionally with CEMOS, which was introduced in 2018 and is also an option in the ARION 500, ARION 600 and AXION 800 series. This is available as an optional extra for all AXION 900 wheeled tractors equipped with CEBIS and is the first interactive and self-learning driver assistance and machine optimisation system on tractors to enable a significant improvement in efficiency compared with manual adjustment of the tractor and the implement. Initial practical experience in soil cultivation shows double-digit savings in diesel consumption, or increases in area output of a similar magnitude. Optimisation of both parameters is also possible. CEMOS takes into account not only tractor-specific parameters such as ballast and engine pressure, but also equipment data such as traction boosters. It is also possible to optimise the settings for numerous plough types thanks to data stored in the plough assistant.

The AXION 900 wheeled tractors with Stage V are also the first tractors to combine CEMOS with the factory-fitted CTIC tyre pressure control system. This makes it possible for the first time ever to adjust the internal tyre pressure intelligently and dynamically during work, in optimal coordination with the other parameters already mentioned and in interaction with the driver. This makes CEMOS currently the most comprehensive and effective process optimiser for tractors for use in the field.

Operating CEMOS is child’s play, especially since the system actively explores the potential for improvement and passes on suggestions to the driver. The driver can either confirm the suggestions or instruct CEMOS to investigate alternative optimisation possibilities.

The standard CEBIS equipment includes the 12-inch ISOBUS-capable CEBIS terminal with high colour contrast and operation via rotary/push switch or touchscreen. The S10 terminal can be added to support GPS PILOT, variable application rate and Section Control functionality. Together with CEBIS, up to 6 cameras can then be displayed simultaneously. In simple CIS+ configuration without CEBIS and CMOTION multifunction lever, the S10 Terminal also allows ISOBUS applications and section-specific work to be carried out.

Comfort further increased

Thanks to the 4-way cab suspension, optional active suspended and ventilated driver’s seat and front axle suspension with 90 mm travel as well as automatic load and brake compensation, the AXION 900 offers the highest level of comfort. A new leather package consisting of leather upholstery for the steering wheel, driver and instructor’s seat and armrest conveys a premium atmosphere and ensures increased well-being, especially on long working days. The wide, curved rear window gives the driver an excellent view of implements. The rear window is optionally available tinted or heated.

Booster for Power Beyond

With 11 t lifting capacity at the rear and a choice of 5.0 or 6.5 t lifting capacity at the front, the AXION 900 continues to be one of the most powerful weight lifters in its class. The 220 l/min flow rate available as an option in addition to the standard 150 l/min flow rate is now supplemented by an LS booster. In Power Beyond mode, this ensures an even faster and more precise adjustment of the flow rate to the requirements of the attachment.

CLAAS AXION 900 Stage V overview:

Model Max.
output 1)
torque 2)
Transmission Max. speed Max. permissible total weight
AXION 920 325 hp 1600 Nm CMATIC/
50 km/h 18 t
AXION 930 355 hp 1695 Nm CMATIC/
50 km/h 18 t
AXION 940 385 hp 1770 Nm CMATIC/
50 km/h 18 t
AXION 950 410 hp 1820 Nm CMATIC/
50 km/h 18 t
AXION 960 445 hp 1860 Nm CMATIC/
50 km/h 18 t
AXION 930 TERRA TRAC 355 hp 1695 Nm CMATIC/
40 km/h 22 t
AXION 960 TERRA TRAC 445 hp 1860 Nm CMATIC/
40 km/h 22 t

* CEMOS for AXION 900 TERRA TRAC follows
1) according to ISO TR 14396


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