Regional soil profile to be shared globally

National soil information systems for Rwanda, Tanzania, and Ethiopia are set for a review under a new project to be led by Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International (CABI).

The project will identify what soil management approaches have worked, which have not, which new solutions work best and where opportunity exists.

Subsequent information from the three to five-year long soil analysis will also be used to update global data initiatives such as World Soil Information Service soil profile database and the Global Soil Information System, and help support improved evidence-based intervention design for SIS systems co-created with the global soil data community.

It is supported by $1.07 million funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in line with its goal of assessing opportunities for main streaming national soil information service initiatives in Agra countries via FAO’s Global Soil Laboratory Network initiative.

“The results will help us to appreciate how national contexts, and decisions made during their development, affected the success of the various SIS interventions,” said CABI’s director of data policy and practice Martin Parr.

“We want to understand how soil information informs national policies, strategic planning, agronomic management, input supply, etc,” said CABI programme manager, Ruthie Musker.

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