Outside the Classroom, Ghanaian Student Thrives As a Poultry Farmer

Mornings start early for Clara Saibu of Tamale in Ghana. She doesn’t wake up to the sound of an alarm clock, but to chickens, waiting to be fed.

Saibu, a 23-year-old final-year student at the University of Cape Coast, is also a poultry farmer and beneficiary of the Savannah Investment Program, a national agriculture program financed by the African Development Fund as part of the African Development Bank Group’s Technologies for African Agricultural Transformation Initiative.

The Savannah Investment Program focuses on reducing imported animal protein, improving food and nutrition security, and expanding the poultry industry in Ghana. With a nearly $28 million loan from the African Development Fund, the program became effective in February 2020 and will be implemented through 2025. The project targets maize and soybean farmers, poultry farmers, livestock farmers, youth and women engaged in entrepreneurship

“Support from the program…included cages, birds, medications, feeds, and vaccination,” Saibu shared. “I had the passion to have my own poultry farm, so I learned all that it takes to run one from a poultry farmer.”

Saibu’s morning routine consists of feeding the chickens and providing them with clean water, making sure their containers are cleaned regularly because dirty water can affect egg production. She sees to it that her chickens are as healthy as can be.

Since starting her poultry farm, Saibu has been able to enjoy profits from the eggs sold. “I’ve been able to help around the house,” she said. Saibu was also able to buy a motorbike which she uses to make deliveries to customers. She also rides her motorbike to buy feed and other things needed for the poultry farm.

Today, some of her many customers include hotels that buy about five crates of eggs every week, chop bars, supermarkets, wholesalers, and households. The African Development Fund’s Savannah Investment Program has made it possible for her to secure her own livelihood while also providing her community with fresh produce.

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