Let’s switch things up this Valentine’s. . . Surprise your man with a Brahman

Yvonne Ncube
For the longest time, men have been known to buy their women gifts on Valentine’s Day. How about turning the tables around tomorrow by having women buy gifts for their partners, and not just the ordinary belts, key holders, socks and okapis, but a Brahman.

Imagine how happy your man would be when he sees you presenting the cow to him. Think seriously about it and if you can afford it why not? A beast is not just a gift but actually an investment that has sentimental value.

Since most of us have begun abusing the day as people have turned it into one when men shower their partners with gifts, it may be time to turn the tables and also have women come to the party.

Fredrick Toendepi, the co-founder of National Kraal Zimbabwe, a livestock marketing company, got people thinking this past week when he took to Twitter and proposed that women buy Brahman heifers for their men on Valentine’s Day.

Interestingly, he said some women took up his offer as they indeed bought cows for the day.

“We have 120 heifers, 50 young bulls and 20 steers under this promotion. So far, we’ve sold 50 and the numbers are looking good. We started this promotion last week Monday and there are some women who contacted us saying they want to surprise their husbands with cattle.

“Most said they had heard their partners speaking about how they wish to own cattle so when they saw our post, they knew this was a great opportunity to spoil their partners,” said Toendepi.

Commenting on this latest development of women treating their partners with cattle, renowned educationist and historian, Pathisa Nyathi said: “This institutes a new dimension to the foreign culture. Instead of buying each other things which will be consumed and forgotten, it’s wise to buy a lifetime investment for your partner.”

However, Nyathi said this idea would be ideal for the older generation as they are the ones with the resources to keep the cattle.

“As splendid as it is, this idea will only apply to the older generation because they’re the ones with the land to keep those cows. As for the younger generation, where would they keep those cattle?” quizzed Nyathi.

He added that he was impressed with this thinking as the trends of buying chocolates, teddy bears, roses and so forth on Valentine’s Day have mostly been influenced by the Western media.

Musician Madlela Skhobokhobo said being gifted with a cow for Valentine’s Day would be the greatest gift.

“I grew up in the rural areas so a cow for Valentine’s would be the greatest gift for me since I also keep cattle. It’s quite a good and unique gift,” Madlela said.

He however, said love should be celebrated every day, not only on Valentine’s Day.

“I celebrate love everyday with my wife. I really don’t see anything special about Valentine’s Day. But if I were to buy her a present, I’d get her chocolates since clothing shops are closed because she loves them.”

It is not only a cow that one can gift their man with, but there are so many other things that men like. At the end of the day, Valentine’s Day is meant to celebrate romantic love, friendship and admiration. This day that is celebrated annually on February 14 is celebrated by sending messages of love and affection to partners, family and friends.

Couples also send each other gifts and spend special time together to rekindle their love.

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