Kenya seeks US market access for fresh oregano and parsley

Kenya has asked the United States Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (Aphis) to authorize the importation of fresh oregano and parsley to the US from Kenya. Aphis has drafted a pest risk assessment that describes potential pests associated with the commodities ahead of the possible approval process.

The agency is making the assessment available for public comment before it finalizes its draft assessment that identifies pest control measures in the import approval process. The US Department of Agriculture said the draft pest risk assessment for oregano for consumption from Kenya will be available for review and comment until October 13.

“Based on the market access request submitted by the government of Kenya, the pathway was considered to include fresh shoots of oregano shipped by air in cartons,” it said.

In April this year, the US allowed the importation of previously banned carnations from Kenya without any restrictions, with local flower farmers saying it is a welcome boost to the horticultural market. Fresh Produce Consortium of Kenya CEO Okisegere Ojepat at the time termed the approval a landmark move for Kenya saying it would expand the basket of cut flowers exported to the US boosting jobs and income for Kenyans.

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