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Innovation for a Greener Earth

Welcome to JH Biotech Inc.

“Innovation for a Greener Earth”, the motto of JH Biotech, Inc. clearly states the basic goal of the company. Safety in agriculture and the impact of its products on the environment are the major concerns of JH Biotech, Inc.

JH Biotech, Inc. is located on the coast of Southern California. There are two production facilities in Bakersfield. JH Biotech, Inc. produces most of the products in its own facility, and the products are distributed and marketed by agents and distributors in the United States and other countries.

JH Biotech, Inc. was founded in 1987 by Dr. H. John Hsu with primary activities in the field crop, vegetable, and fruit industries, along with home garden and nursery segments in the western region of the USA. Its marketing activities extend into Asia, Latin America, Middle East, and Europe. The fundamental technological basis for JH Biotech, Inc. is the chelation process and applied microbiology. The same theory and practice has expanded into animal feed additives.

Currently, JH Biotech, Inc. has developed exclusive agent and distributor relationships in Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Korea, the Middle East, Australia, Europe, Brazil, El Salvador, Costa Rica, the Philippines, Mexico, Peru, Guatemala, Honduras, Kenya and looking forward to expand its network in Africa.

JH Biotech, Inc. is a technology oriented company and is committed to an aggressive and long-term research and development programs. The Research Division devotes its agricultural research efforts to increase food productivity, improve product quality and, more importantly, to enhance the safety of crop and animal production.

Through extensive internal research and close cooperation with public and private organizations, JH Biotech, Inc. is able to constantly improve its existing product quality and introduce new products every year. All products developed and marketed by JH Biotech, Inc. have been thoroughly and repeatedly tested in fields, animal farms, and aquatic ponds.

JH Biotech, Inc. concentrates its efforts in the fields relating to the environment and agriculture.

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