Increase your cow’s comfort and yours with rubber mattresses.

More and more farmers are choosing to put mattresses in their cubicles for the comfort of the cows, but not only. Installing mattresses saves litter and time for the farmer.

Profitable in 3 years

At Farandole Farm in France, they made the choice of 100% natural rubber mattresses from IDS for the well-being of the herd and to reduce the time spent managing the litter. Before opting for these mattresses, they had done their calculation and they found that it would take them 2 to 3 years to make their mattress profitable compared to a 100% straw system (if they had to buy all their straw). The installation of mattresses makes it possible to reduce or even eliminate the supply of straw in the cubicles.

Simplify the work

Thanks to the mattresses the cubicles remain clean and easy to clean. Indeed, a quick cleaning every morning and evening is sufficient. Rubber prevents the growth of bacteria and decreases the risk of mastitis. The time spent in the maintenance of cubicles is significantly reduced when we install mattresses.

Comfort provider

The choice of mattress is very important, cows lie down for more than 12 hours in a day. You have to be careful there is a wide choice of rugs and mattresses on the market. The advantage of natural rubber is to remain flexible over time while having a great longevity. Mattresses like “Natura” provide optimal comfort thanks to 100% latex foam. The latex has a very good shape memory which guarantees a very good bedding comfort and a very good longevity. Cows lie down and get up much faster, they have no apprehension about where to lie down.

From cubicles to the milking parlours.

In addition to cubicle mattresses, IDS also provides rubber mats for walking areas and milking parlours. It has been proved that cows produce more milk if they are not stressed. Installing rubber mats in walking areas helps reduce stress caused by the fear of slipping or falling and it also helps the cows to express their natural behaviors making it easier to detect heats. Relaxed cows tend to go eat and drink more often, increasing their milk production. Milking parlours can also be equipped with rubber mats or tiles such as “Clip Super” to reduce trampling noise in the waiting area and in the milking parlour.

Milk production is directly linked to the cow’s well-being, less stress equal more milk! Comfortable rubber mattresses and rubber flooring are a key factor to increase your cow’s well-being but it will also increase yours by saving you time and money by reducing the quantity of straw for the litter and veterinary costs.


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