FAO supports food-farming chain development in Angola

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) backs up a new project in Angola to boost food-farming industry chains.


Through November 2021, such an initiative should benefit some 600 agro-industrial and food sector actors, with the purpose of improving knowledge and organizational structures linked with corn, coffee, cassava and veggies outputs, among others, as announced at a forum in Luanda.

FAO, Economy and Planning Ministry, National Institute for Support to Small- and Middle-Sized Enterprises representatives and academics took part in the videoconference.

As they highlighted, the project responds to the Support Production, Diversification of Exports and Substitution of Imports Program (PRODESI), one of the main tools to switch Angola´s domestic economy structure.

For six months, participants will discuss different issues such as public-private alliances to boost agricultural value chain investments, inclusion of small producers in agribusiness models, financing for family farming as well as short-cycle marketing.

According to Bárbara Hladka, FAO specialist, one of the main limitations of agricultural activity in Africa is small producers´ lack of organization that limits access to knowledge, investment and financing.

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