Enugu APPEALS Project demonstrates technology to poultry farmers

The Agro Processing, Productivity Enhancement and Livelihood Improvement Support (APPEALS) Project Enugu State Coordinating Office has demonstrated enhanced technology to poultry farmers in the state for better production.

The farmers were introduced to the use of nipple fitted drinkers and palletized feed for broilers production in deep litter rearing.

Speaking during the demonstration of the new technology to farmers in Enugu, the acting State Project Coordinator of the World Bank and Enugu State powered project, Ihuoma Eze, said that the nipple drinker system has been found to be a reliable and hygienic solution for the supply of water in the modern poultry farm.

She also said that, “Instead of having the mershed food which can be susceptible to diseases, having the food pelletized can reduce the cost of the food by 20 per cent and makes for higher nutrition thereby increasing productivity which is the aim of the project.

“The aim of the APPEALS project is to enhance the productivity of the small scale farmers and so the introduction of this palletized food will increase nutrition for the broilers and will translate into better live bird weight.

“It also reduces the outburst of salmonella in the food. Generally this technology offers quality feeding and fresh clean water which is a very major agronomic service for our farmers.

“We want to show them this technology and how to use them. When they see this technology they can write to us and indicate interest in adopting this technology. We go to their farm and assess and affirm that they really need this.

“We support them accordingly after the development of a value chain investment plan for this agro business. You don’t have to pay for it, you just have to be in a cooperative of a minimum of 10 to 15 farmers”.

On his part, the Communication Officer of the APPEALS project in the State, Ambrose Igboke, said that the project engages on technology demonstration to showcase and demonstrate to rice, cashew and poultry farmers the current technologies available for farmers.

He explained that the event was to demonstrate technology of nipple drinkers and pelletized feed in broiler production for poultry farmers drawn across every part of Enugu State.

“During this demonstration, the farmers were exposed to the use of these technologies with a view to increasing their productivity and expanding their economic income.

“Enugu APPEALS Project has already provided these technologies to many broiler farmers in Enugu state through grants. The farmers received these technologies free from the State Government through the APPEALS Project.

“The impact of the project on poultry farmers is huge. It reduces mortality of birds since they will be drinking individually and not from a common through, thereby reducing mortality, producing healthy birds, enhancing productivity and increase in sales and income.

Also speaking on the benefits of the new technology, the Value Chain Facilitator, Poultry of Enugu APPEALS Project, Dr Jonathan Ossai, said that, “the nipple drinkers ensure delivery of good quality drinking water devoid of contamination and the pelletized feed delivers wholesome nutrients thereby enhancing good health and rapid growth. A healthy bird enhances consumers’ health.

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