ASPLA, only Spanish manufacturer of Silage wrap and belonging to the Armando Alvarez Group, announces the launch of CYCLED WRAP®, first eco-friendly film in that sector. This product is a world novelty, being the first 7-layer silage wrap manufactured with a high content of recycled raw material for sustainable wrapping.

CYCLED WRAP® is clearly an eco-friendly product. As it is manufactured from special highly pure and resistant raw materials, it offers technical properties

equivalent to a premium film.

Highly purified recycled polymers allow for GREAT UNIFORMITY of materials without any weak points on the film’s surface. The film’s 7-layer coextrusion technology also allows for very narrow tolerances and excellent safety in wrapping, both round and square bales.

ASPLA in one of the main manufacturers worldwide of Silage wrap with the known brands SilograssPowerstretch y Supergrass, which are present in over 80 countries.

As CYCLED WRAP® is manufactured in 7 layers, it has a HIGH RESISTANCE to DYNAMIC IMPACT and to TEARING, minimizing the risk of film perforation and allowing the bales of fodder to be wrapped and transported with excellent resistance guarantees.

It was created to wrap bales aimed both for milk-producing livestock and for horses, or even for bales of tough-stemmed alfalfa. The CYCLED WRAP® values are much higher than those of a conventional stretch film. This is why bales wrapped in CYCLED WRAP® are more robust and safer to withstand long periods of storage and demanding weather conditions.

ISCC Plus (international carbon and sustainability) certifies that the renewable polymers used in the manufacture of CYCLED WRAP® meet international standards and that the circular content covers the entire value chain, from origin to the end product.

The products manufactured with certified

circular polymers respond to the need for more sustainable solutions and contribute towards closing the virtuous circle of reuse of used plastics within the common commitment to promoting Circular Economy.

The main advantages of using CYCLED WRAP® are:

  • Premium 7-layer Silage wrap for all applications (round and square bales)
  • Reinforcing circular economy
  • Reducing the carbon footprint
  • Taking care of nature
  • Patented recycling process

ASPLA and Armando Alvarez Group are social- and ecologically very committed.

They are founders and members of several agriculture recycling schemes worldwide, promoting always a sustainable agriculture.

This commitment is shown for example in their successful campaign: ’’wrap it in pink’’, developing since several years the sales of pink film to farmers worldwide. ASPLA donates directly at the end of every season 1€ per roll to investigation to heal breast cancer.


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