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County Donates Maize Seed And Fruit Seedlings To Farmers

West Pokot County government has taken proactive measures to bolster agricultural productivity and improve the lives of farmers by distributing maize seeds and fruit tree seedlings ahead of the upcoming long rains planting season.

With a budget allocation of Sh60 million, the county has procured 11,363 bales of seeds to distribute among 136,356 farmers across the region. The distribution plan is structured to cater to the specific needs of different areas within the county. For instance, in Pokot Central, 24,120 farmers will receive 2,010 bales of maize seed, while in Pokot South, 10,440 farmers are set to benefit from 870 bales. Similarly, in Pokot North and West Pokot sub-county, 23,592 and 43,680 farmers respectively will receive their share of maize seeds.

Additionally, the county has launched the distribution of 4,000 avocado and 3,000 mango seedlings to support farmers who have already prepared their land for planting.

Speaking at the flag-off ceremony held at Makutano stadium in Kapenguria Constituency, West Pokot Governor Simon Kachapin reiterated the commitment of his administration to support farmers. He emphasized that initiatives like these align with the Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda (BETA), which prioritizes addressing food insecurity through various interventions such as improving agricultural practices and enhancing water management systems.

Governor Kachapin highlighted the economic impact of the distributed seeds, estimating that they could potentially enhance maize farming across approximately 10,908 hectares, leading to a significant yield of maize bags and a substantial economic turnover.

Acknowledging the challenges posed by climate change, Governor Kachapin emphasized the importance of planting fruit trees not only for individual farmers’ benefit but also for sustainable adaptation and environmental conservation.

Furthermore, the governor emphasized his administration’s commitment to promoting the cultivation of avocado, mangoes, and other fruit trees for food security, income generation, and environmental sustainability.

West Pokot Deputy County Commissioner Wycliffe Munanda expressed gratitude for the initiative, noting its potential to alleviate hunger exacerbated by climate change. He urged residents to utilize the distributed inputs effectively for their own benefit.

Esther Cherop from the Kenya Seed Company assured farmers of the quality of the distributed seeds, while Gilbert Rotich, the Regional Manager of the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB), assured farmers of the government’s commitment to resolving challenges related to fertilizer supply.

Rotich also announced plans to open more subsidized fertilizer buying centers in the region to alleviate congestion and ensure farmers have access to necessary inputs without hurdles.

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