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Big Dutchman: feeding and housing systems for modern poultry management

In 1938, the Big Dutchman founders, whose parents were of Dutch origin, invented the world’s first automatic chain feeder for poultry in the USA. Today the company head office is in Vechta, Germany, where about 900 of the 3,400 worldwide employees work.

With regard to housing and feeding equipment for modern breeder, broiler and layer management, the family business is considered the international market leader: across five continents and in more than 125 countries around the world, Big Dutchman is a trademark for lasting quality, reliable service and unsurpassed know-how.

Product range

The comprehensive product range includes traditional and computer-controlled feeding and housing equipment as well as state-of-the-art systems for climate control and exhaust air treatment. The scope varies from small to large, fully-integrated turn-key farms.

Big Dutchman supplies many markets of Africa with its versatile range of well-tried and tested products. The equipment offered is, of course, tailored to the specific needs of the continent’s various countries.

A perfect example is the poultry house climate. Whether the farmer manages his livestock in a Mediterranean or a tropical climate or has a farm located in an area with year-round hot and dry weather, Big Dutchman can provide the ideal solution for any situation.

This also applies to management systems that are particularly well suited for tropical climates and ideal for the use of natural ventilation. An example is the SuperTripleDeck laying battery with three tiers. Depending on the customer’s wishes and to allow for an easy start into modern egg production, the system is available in different versions (manual and automatic) as well as with three expansion stages. Upgrading or retrofitting the system at a later point is easily possible. SuperTripleDeck is characterised by a long service life, high functionality and perfect conditions for humans and birds.

Modern Big Dutchman drinking and feeding systems make sure that adequate amounts of fresh water and food are available throughout the day. This is an important prerequisite for healthy poultry since only birds that drink and eat well perform well.

Scope of services

Poultry farmers may order standard feeding and housing equipment – or, thinking of the special strength of the equipment supplier Big Dutchman, decide to opt for solutions which have been customized to their individual situation.

With regard to bird places, the scope of services ranges from equipment for small operations with 500 birds to large, fully-integrated turn-key farms managing as many as five million birds. Big Dutchman provides customers with all options – from planning to commissioning.



Eggs are among the most nutritious foods.

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