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Your financial obligations to your children don`t end with a divorce, so whether you`re paying or receiving child support, you owe your children to pay or receive the right amount. Child support for special child-related expenses, such as child care, private lessons and extracurricular activities, is based on the net cost of expenses (after tax credits and related benefits). That is, in order to properly allocate expenses, you need to calculate the taxes and benefits that each party receives in terms of expenses. Divorce takes care of this for you, automatically calculating tax credits and expense benefits, and allowing for precise adjustments for each individual situation. Your parental plan also determines the amount of child support paid. “Shared” parenting applies if the parents each have at least 40% of the total parenting time. If a child spends 60% or more of their time with a parent, enter that parent in the Parenting Time Distribution field. In summary, while parenting time in British Columbia is not included in the child support formula, the guidelines allow judges to consider changes to the rigid federal and provincial child support tables. It is important to hire a child support lawyer in Vancouver to find out exactly what the income is from all sources. In summary, to calculate the B.C. Family Allowance, you must add up the following income, rather than just personal income: Parents should note that in British Columbia, custody guidelines use the terms “guardianship” and “guardianship” instead of “custody,” which is the term used in federal documents.

Although the courts in British Columbia have developed several different formulas for calculating the amount of child support to be paid for joint custody, a net difference between the incomes of both parents is usually used. These charts allow you to compare your total income before child support payments with your total income after child support payments. The guidelines are based on the principle that both parents must share the same portion of their income with their children as if they lived together. Let`s say you`ve had some tough times this year and you`ve taken $20,000 out of your RRSPs. The subscribed RRSP is considered income for CRA purposes. But for child support purposes, if it is only a one-time or irregular withdrawal, the income cannot be included if the court wants to charge BC Child Support. Like many other provinces, the FRA does not deal with divorce (this is the responsibility of the federal government), but describes policies and procedures for custody, guardianship and child support. The guidelines state that the goal is to “create an equitable standard of support for children that ensures they benefit from the financial resources of both parents.” Includes only gross annual income from work.

This calculator does not take into account situations where one of the parties has income from a source other than employment. Contact M.J. O`Nions Avocat & Médiateur for more information. This calculator was created as a free tool to support Crossroads Law client families. Canadian provinces differ in what constitutes the age of majority or the age at which a child is no longer eligible for child benefits. In British Columbia, 19 years of age are considered to be of legal age. Select “Shared” if the child lives with each parent between 40 and 60% of the time. To make sure you are paying or receiving the right amount of child support in British Columbia, remember these 5 things: According to section 3 of the Child Support Guidelines, we calculate that the monthly child support payments are as follows: Our child support lawyers in Vancouver know that to calculate CHILD SUPPORT in British Columbia, first you need to know how to determine the income, from which child support is to be paid. Determining income to calculate child support is not an easy task. Also note that there are two types of child benefits? Basic child support and exceptional expenses.

§ 7 Expenses: Enter the total monthly amount for all special expenses related to the child that fall into the following categories: school or tutoring fees, daycare or childcare, dental or orthodontic care, health expenses, including counseling, expenses for extracurricular activities, including registration and equipment, and costs of health or dental insurance. First, subtract any tax credits or benefits related to these expenses, otherwise the calculation will be inaccurate. If you receive spousal support, this will change the proportional allocation of expenses under section 7 and the calculation of the expenses under section 7 listed below will not be correct. In British Columbia, the maintenance formula for sole and joint custody is different. However, B.C. family courts do not grant automatic parental leave credit, which can reduce the amount of support for your child. Here are some scenarios on how a family court in British Columbia might determine child support: The British Columbia Support Calculator can be used to assess the basic amounts that may have to be paid by a paying parent with respect to child support amounts. Enter the gross amount of income that the paying parent would earn, after which you can enter the number of children involved in the drop-down menu in the following field. The British Columbia Child Support Calculator then provides an amount of child support that can be payable by the paying parent. You can click here to see how much you would have to pay for child support if your child lives with the other parent more than 60% of the time. The British Columbia NSSO has produced this fact sheet on family allowances to answer many questions from the community. The guidelines set out the monthly amounts of child support in a spreadsheet that uses: You may want to seek advice from a lawyer about your situation.

The basic amount is often not the final amount of child support. For example, if there are special expenses such as child care or if you share custody, the amount will likely be different. This version of the Child Support Table Search (Online Search) is based on the updated federal child support tables that came into effect on November 22, 2017. You can use it to calculate the amount of child support for a period from that date. Use the 2011 child support table to calculate the amount of child support for a period prior to that date. Our British Columbia Child Support Calculator and Spousal Support Calculator are for British Columbia residents only. The calculations provided by our calculator to support children and spouses should also serve as a guideline. In some circumstances, child or spousal support is not sufficient. If you live outside of British Columbia or need a detailed analysis of child or spousal support in your situation, contact us for assistance. You can also contact us if you have any questions about our child support calculator and spousal or family law support calculator. The court may deviate from its strict maintenance guidelines on a case-by-case basis if the non-resident parent`s visiting time is more than 40%.

Specific parental leave figures can have a direct impact on your child support, whether you pay or receive. To get an estimate of the amount of your support immediately, enter your information in the calculator above. British Columbia has a central agency that helps parents who have been left behind whose children have been abducted across international borders. The child`s exceptional expenses are usually shared based on your proportional income, unless you and your spouse agree on a different relationship or a court order states that you would have to pay more or less than your income on a pro rata basis. More information on extraordinary expenses can be found here. Once your income is determined, the court will refer to the child support calculator to determine your monthly child support obligations. The Canadian federal government oversees all child benefit cases in Canada. British Columbia`s child support laws are not that different from other provinces, but there are some regions that are unique to British Columbia.

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