B52 Band Legal Tender

The song was released and a club hit in Brazil in 1984 and was performed during the band`s set at the Rock in Rio Music Festival in 1985. When the band toured Brazil in 2009 and omitted the song from their live set, fans chanted that they should play it. Due to the song`s popularity in Brazil, it appeared on the Brazilian version of Time Capsule: Songs for a Future Generation, where it replaced “52 Girls”. It was also recorded on the compilation Nude on the Moon a few years later. “Legal Tender” is an optimistic track based on a synthesizer with a drum machine and a hand clapping rhythm. Lead vocals are shared by Pierson and Wilson. The song appears as the opening track of the band`s third studio album, Whammy!, which means that the band had changed a lot for the album. The single was the band`s third entry on the Billboard Hot 100 and peaked at number 81. The song also reached number 9 in the United States. Hot Dance Club Play Charts, as well as the album tracks “Whammy Kiss” and “Song for a Future Generation”.

“Legal Tender” went live during the Whammy! Toured, with Keith Strickland on synthesizer and with horn parts. ” Legal Tender ” is the first single from the B-52 album Whammy! released in 1983. has been published. Do you know any general information about this track? The text of “Legal Tender” tells a story about counterfeiting US dollars by equipping a basement with “heavy equipment” and learning how to print invoices due to rising prices. An accompanying music video was produced with Cindy Wilson and Kate Pierson in wigs of many shapes and colors.

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