Attestation Legale Siren

The siren number is a nine-digit identifier assigned to each legal entity. It is granted only once and is removed from the register only at the time of the disappearance of the legal person (death or cessation of any activity for a natural person, dissolution of a legal person). This certificate must be required©if a contract of a maximum amount of©©5000 is concluded with the State (public procurement). ©© This certificate will be transferred©© by Urssaf to your account: the certificate confirms that your situation with regard to the payment of your social contributions is in order. You cannot obtain a certificate of vigilance, but only a provisional certificate. The vigilance certificate replaces the public procurement certificate©. It ensures that the contractor has fulfilled© his obligations to declare and©pay contributions. The provisional certificate must be valid until the date of your first©©©declaration (e.g©. Declaration of results©) or valid payment.

The Certificate of Vigilance is a certificate issued©by© the urssaf. If the siren does not appear on the website, it is because it has not yet been assigned to you. For more information, please contact the organisation with which you have completed your registration procedures. If you have been© fined© for secret© work, the certificate cannot be given to©© you. © To obtain a certificate of vigilance, you must meet one of the following conditions: If you have taken the necessary steps to register your company (including automotive contractors) with your Business Formality Center and you have not yet received your registration certificate in the Sirene directory, you can find the information about your registration on the website. by searching for your company name, first/last name or address. In particular, you will find the mermaid that has been assigned to you. The company©© responsible for the processing of the FOA processes the processing of your personal data©with the final© management of newsletter subscriptions©. The information©necessary for the management of the treatment is© characterized by an astã of risk. © This data©is intended for the departments concerned©by the OFA and©©, where applicable,©for its subcontractors.

This data will be kept© for the duration of the contractual relationship plus the duration©©of the legal requirements©. ©© In accordance with©the legislation in force, you have the right to question, access, rectify, delete and© store all data©concerning you. Access to the documents of registered companies is©reserved for©© members who have accepted© the contract of use©of the platform. This agreement contains the General Terms and Conditions of Sale, the General Terms and Conditions©©of© Use and the Privacy Policy. ©© These documents can be consulted©on request via the contact form. This is an individual number issued by the Business Tax Service (SIE) to persons subject to VAT after receiving their siren number. The purpose of the reference to that `identifier` is to ensure trade between taxable persons for VAT purposes within the European Union. It consists of 2 letters and 11 digits, which are composed as follows: In addition, each company must register in this database before each import or export and request an EORI number from the Economic Action Policy of the Regional Directorate of Customs. From 4 May 2021, this service will also be accessible to micro-entrepreneurs, as well as to all sole proprietorships that have opted for the non-public dissemination of information about them. National Institute of Statistics and Studies© (INSEE) Your CFE office is the one located at your headquarters or at the place where you carry out ©the majority of your activity. To find your CFE office, please visit the website.

The company©FOA will provide you with the result of its equality index© in accordance with©the request of the©©government. This is divided into© several indicators: • Difference©©in income between women and men • Difference in the distribution of individual supplements between women and men · Difference in the distribution©of promotions between women and men · After their return to the maternity ward©, the salary rates©increased©to the level©©of the ten employees©with the©highest©salary© Attestation Lã©gale, you manage©a single management file online and share it with all your customers in a few clicks. We collect, authenticate, store and distribute your administrative documents on your behalf through a secure©platform©and personalized© uncoated customer service. When you submit your Business Creation File (CRC), the CFE will issue you a receipt marked “pending registration” that will allow you to proceed to the next steps until you receive the final approval of the registration. (Code) Main economic sector. Each company and each of its establishments is assigned by INSEE, if they are registered in the Sirene register, a code identifying its main activity by reference to the French classification of activities. Specifically, a distinction is made between the APEN code for the enterprise and the APET code for the enterprises. Sirene is the national network for the identification of companies and their©institutions, managed by©© INSEE©. National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies. INSEE is responsible for the production, analysis and dissemination of official statistics in France: annual and quarterly national accounts, assessment of national demography, unemployment rate. In the event that the APE code does not correspond to the activity actually carried out, it is possible to request the modification from the INSEE Regional Directorate (whose contact details are indicated on the registration certificate) by post or e-mail and using a form downloadable from the INSEE website.

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