Advanced Analytics for Irrigation and Crop Monitoring

Sentek probes and software deliver valuable information on when to irrigate, and the amount of irrigation required to refill the rootzone. Sentek offers a cable-free solution for monitoring soil moisture. Instead of using cellular modem telemetry, Sentek uses a probe with Bluetooth connection to collect and transfer sensor data.

Displaying data from Sentek’s Drill & Drop probes, the charts in IrriMAX Live software show the values at each 10cm depth – and can also be summed to show total water content in the soil. (Figure 1) The best- selling 60cm Drill and Drop range of probes is ideally suited to root crop irrigation and fertiliser management.

The recently released features in IrriMAX Live reveal the depth and activity of plant roots.

This previously hard to interpret data is now presented in a graphical form, allowing the grower and agronomist to quickly understand the depths that roots are taking water from. This resulted in improved yields, more efficient and effective irrigations, knowledge of root growth, water infiltration, waterlogging events, plant stress thresholds and other agronomic insights.


This amazing tool leads to precise irrigation management scheduling, with the ability to compare the depths of water being applied – to the depths that roots are “drinking” from.

Too Much Water? Or Not Enough?

Knowing real site and time-specific root activity, growers can now assess the effectiveness of every single irrigation event.

It is clear how maintaining optimum soil moisture, temperature and fertiliser thresholds in root crops goes beyond the effective use of irrigation water to achieve yield targets. By improving the organoleptic conditions, growers meet premium market specifications farmers enjoy better prices, secure a preferred supplier status, and raise the equity value of their operations. Leading growers and consultants are now working with Sentek probes and telemetry, in conjunction with IrriMAX Live software, to refine management using multiple probes in arrays, and weather forecasting.

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Figure 1: IrriMAX Display

Figure 2: Sentek’s Drill & Drop Bluetooth Probe fully installed



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